Welcome to Kidz Zone!

At Asbury Church, our goal is help kids from all ages learn about God, grow in their relationship with Him and others!

We love kids at Asbury! Our desire is for all kids to experience the love of Christ as they participate in our kid programs along with making some great friends in Asbury Kidz Zone!

Our Asbury Kidz Zone curriculum program is entitled LIVE.   Our Sunday morning time together includes great learning activities, interactive Bible learning through Exploration Kits along with music, power point presentations and videos.  This curriculum has some great interactive learning methods where older kids help the younger kids as they work together in groups.

Not only is there tons of fun on Sunday morning but we also send out an email with an update on the lesson from the morning along with a devotional activity for the family to do together.  This reinforces the lesson and helps the parents see what the kidz are diving into and learning!

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me!


Pastor Rachel Quigley
This Summer in KIDZ Zone

Throughout these summer months we will be taking a road trip through the Bible, learning how to use the Bible, memorizing the books of the Bible and the timeline of the stories of the Bible and how God and His plan weaves in and out of the whole thing.


To help the kids with learning how to use and navigate through the Bible, we are memorizing the books of the Bible in order.  Here is a link to the song we are using to help the kids accomplish this challenge. 

 This is a great catchy tune that the kids can listen to over and over again to get these book names in their heads and into their hearts as we navigate through this summer’s study.


We want our kids to know the alphabet and math facts so they have a good foundation for being successful in school. Knowing the Bible and how to use it is important for us and our kids for navigating and being successful in life.


For all the kids who meet the goal of memorizing the books of the Bible in order will 
win a pizza party and game night at Pastor Rachel’s house at the end of the summer.
Drive-In movie night 
August 30 at 6:30 pm 
for the kids. 
We will be clearing out the sanctuary at our Lansing campus and watching a fun kids flick to be announced at a later date.  The kids will be constructing their own box cars for the event and we will be awarding prizes for creativity.  We will not be making these cars at church but this will be a home project for you and your kids to do together and bring with them the night of our Drive-In movie night.

Here are some links to give ideas for constructing your cardboard box car at home.


There are loads of pics and ideas on Pinterest and google if you look up “card board box drive-in cars for kid parties”

All kids are invited and this is a great event for them to invite friends and come join the fun.